Dash of Lime


What our clients have to say

Why pick Dash of Lime? Some of our valued clients share their experiences of working with us.

“The Dash of Lime sales team never fail to impress with their extraordinary professionalism, remarkable response times, and unparalleled expertise.  Their informed recommendations and in-depth understanding of the platforms they represent (not to mention their impressive understanding of the industry as a whole) adds great value to the work that we do for our clients, and always has a notable impact on the results that we yield. It is also always a pleasure working with the Dash of Lime sales team, who are invariably polite, friendly, and knowledgeable.” - Chris Barret, from Base Two (Joburg) 

“Dash of Lime displays all the added insights and values one would expect from a media sales house of this calibre. Dash of Lime sells their properties through insights and rationale which aligns with our own thinking – this makes it easy for any agency to sell to clients. With added strategic support and always on professionalism, Dash of Lime sets the bar for the industry as a whole.”  “The level of professionalism and timely response from Dash of Lime has been outstanding. You understand your products and platforms very well and make recommendations that extend our campaigns into areas we might not have considered. Dash of Lime adds great value to our campaigns and clients through their strategic approach and media elements that go beyond just plain banner placements.” - Carl Ungerer from MIX Digital  (Joburg)

“Dash of Lime is one of my favourite media owner agencies to work with. With every proposal that is requested, I know that I have received the very best insight and recommendation as well as great value for spend. I trust each proposal as I feel my briefs have been evaluated entirely on an individual basis and only the very best sites have been recommended – there seems to be no particular bias at all to sites. Dash of Lime is an absolute pleasure to deal with in terms of knowledge and professionalism. He makes my job as a strategist very easy as I feel that I am working with a team, as opposed to just briefing a media owner. Many thumbs up!” - Lorraine Landon from Nota Bene (Joburg )

“The Dash of Lime sales team have a few qualities that make them the ideal contact point for digital media sales: Intelligent – too often media sales houses are not able to think out the box, Dash of Lime are!  Honest – a quality often ignored by sales teams, but the honesty of Dash of Lime ensure sustained relationships based on honesty, co-operation and results… Speaking of which, Results-focused – Dash of Lime are focused on results and genuinely care for their advertising partners.” -Julian Mountain from Prezence Digital (Cape Town) 

“When dealing with Dash of Lime two words always come to mind, professionalism and service. Your understanding of your products and the digital environment is unquestionable. It is always a pleasure dealing with a publisher who is always willing to come up with new, fresh and inventive ways to assist in clients’ campaigns.” - Jeff Galbraith from 100 Degree’s (Joburg) 

“Dash of Lime are great to work with because they are the first media owner to get back to us on proposals, insertion orders and answers our many questions timeously. I do not have to constantly chase bookings and reports as they are usually two steps ahead of us, helping us where they can. I enjoy working with them.” - Robyn Dryden from Mindshare (Joburg)

“It is a pleasure to work with the team from Dash of Lime. Their experience and knowledge of their platforms outperforms most sales houses and their client relations are impeccable. My experience with the sales team has only been positive as they tend to over deliver and exceed all expectations.” - Jarred Mailer from Native (Joburg)

“I very much enjoy working with Dash of Lime as they are professional and willing to go the extra mile. We have formed a great partnership with Dash of Lime as we can lean on them for guidance in what works best in a completely transparent and comfortable manner. They are an efficient, knowledgeable and a down-to-earth bunch of people who make campaign and client deliverables an enjoyable experience. They also understand their user profiles very well which is invaluable for media planners.” - Quanita Salie from The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town)

“It is easy to sell media. It is very difficult to sell media well. Dash of Lime make the extraordinary look run-of-the mill on a daily basis. I have never received what I’ve asked for: I have always received something more and better. Strategically, operationally and ethically, I am happy to recommend Dash of Lime without any reservation whatsoever.” - Johan Prins from SPACE (Joburg)

“I have only experienced absolute professionalism from Dash of Lime.  They are always the first to respond to a brief, their value is phenomenal, and they know their stuff.” - Anthea de Abreu from Draft FCB (Joburg)

“Dash of Lime has an awesome friendliness and energy about them, and it is an absolute pleasure working directly with Alistair as well as having communication with him both through email as well as phone calls. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Alistair and the whole team up until now. Dash of Lime is consistent with their service delivery, in their follow-up and general interest in the campaign while working with them so closely. Dash of Lime has added great value and understanding of the conversions of the campaign as well as always offering as much innovation as was possible. Always a pleasure dealing with them!” - Gidon Alter from JAG Method (Joburg)

“Dash of Lime provides us with proposals in a timely fashion; they have an excellent understanding of their products and the digital industry at large and consistently answer our briefs with intelligence and insight. The outcome is a campaign run on top-notch sites, which are cared for and optimised to yield excellent results for our clients. Dash of Lime is a digital sales house we trust.” - Daniela White from Mindshare (Joburg)

“Dash of Lime is a team who will do whatever they can to help. They work well as a team and often go out of their way to put others at ease. When taking anything on, Dash of Lime is meticulously thorough, professional and deadline driven. They always do an exceptional job on every campaign and at the same time maintain good relationships with co-workers and clients. Dash of Lime is constantly trying to improve on previous results. They are dedicated, tenacious workers and work well to make sure an excellent job gets done. It is an absolute pleasure working with Dash of Lime, they are always on top of the game and thinking out of the box. They certainly make my work so much easier by understanding exactly what I needed. I have always found Dash of Lime to be very professional and pro-active when working together and any organisation would be lucky to have their services.” - Ronen Cohen from Native (Cape Town)

“I have found the Dash of Lime team very accommodating with our media strategies. We have worked very hard to achieve the goals of our clients and the Dash of Lime team have been instrumental helping us.” - Curtis Bantjes from Thrive Media (Cape Town)

“The Dash of Lime team consists of a bunch of talented, enthusiastic digital sales professionals. They are quick to reply to requests and queries and very adept at optimising a campaign to deliver the best possible results for clients.” - Cindy Sayers from Isobar (Cape Town)

“Dash of Lime is undoubtedly the best sales team we have in the country. Exceptional knowledge of their platforms, out-of-the-box thinking and always going the extra mile to make sure campaigns perform above and beyond expectations. All other media owners should strive to reach the levels this team has pegged down in the market. Well done, and always a pleasure working with you.” - Conrad Kakebeeke from OMG Digital (Joburg)