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With Facebook’s following now exceeding the one-billion user mark and the support for newer social media platforms growing rapidly in number, many may believe that email as a marketing tool has become obsolete. Even though social media channels are excellent platforms for consumer engagement, the once popular form of email engagement is still an effective [...]


A provocative title perhaps, but we all know that the digital landscape has changed out of all recognition over the past few years. The web has shifted from the “web of things” (the content web) to the “web of people” (the social web). As a result we’ve seen the proliferation of acquisition and media channels [...]

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Any two Facebook users on the planet are separated from each other by an average of 4.74 degrees, according to new research. The study, by Facebook and the University of Milan, saw researchers using “state-of-the-art algorithms” to measure the number of “hops” between users, AFP reported. “We found that the degrees of separation between any two [...]