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With Facebook’s following now exceeding the one-billion user mark and the support for newer social media platforms growing rapidly in number, many may believe that email as a marketing tool has become obsolete. Even though social media channels are excellent platforms for consumer engagement, the once popular form of email engagement is still an effective [...]


Media strategists are slowly starting to understand digital as both the client and the agency demand a more holistic approach, but what about social media? For many, the environment is daunting as it goes against what most media strategists are trained to investigate (such as reach, frequency and Gross Rating Points). Social media means consumers [...]

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In this edition of In the Limelight, we chat to Nic van den Bergh - Trading Director for Aegis Media SSA. Nic shares some interesting thoughts on the most rewarding part of his job and why he has chosen digital as a career.  1.       What is your job title and what does this entail? Trading Director [...]

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Umuntu Media and 365 Digital have signed an agreement in which 365 Digital will handle all media sales for Umuntu Media’s online content portals. Through the partnership, Umuntu will be able to draw on the considerable resources of an established sales base. In turn, 365 Digital can expand their base beyond South Africa’s borders to [...]


Primedia Online has teamed up with Umuntu Media to provide a comprehensive content solution for the company’s African portals. Cape Town-based Umuntu Media recently added two new portals to its stable – iZimbabwe.co.zw and iBotswana.co.bw – which were launched in November 2011. These local lifestyle portals will deliver relevant local content focusing on entertainment, property, [...]