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Social media has revolutionised the ways in which the game of marketing, advertising and promotion is played. Almost every brand that exists is now roaring out loud on social media. But there is a lot of skepticism over what makes an impact and what goes unheard. To let brands gauge the impact of their efforts [...]


Evidence for the effectiveness of mobile advertising keeps rolling in—and goes beyond clickthroughs and any question of “fat fingers” vs. real engagement. Research from video ad network AdColony and Nielsen found that mobile video ads for CPG brands were more effective across a variety of brand health metrics than ads on TV or videos online [...]


Facebook exceeded expectations on Wall Street when it announced its earnings for the third quarter. Still, there’s talk about what’s holding back stronger ad growth. Many look inside Facebook for culprits that include everything from issues with monetizing mobile advertising to a lack of unified metrics. There is a deeper issue at work outside of [...]


With Facebook’s following now exceeding the one-billion user mark and the support for newer social media platforms growing rapidly in number, many may believe that email as a marketing tool has become obsolete. Even though social media channels are excellent platforms for consumer engagement, the once popular form of email engagement is still an effective [...]


If you’re having trouble seeing past the glare emanating from some of your favorite websites these days, it might be the “new” shiny monetisation method that carries one of the following labels: native advertising, custom content, sponsored content, branded content, content marketing or perhaps the very latest: collaborative content. While there are varying definitions of [...]


Sooo…how’s that mobile strategy goin’? If that question makes you want to quickly change the subject or hide your head in shame, you can at least be comforted by the fact that you’re not alone. According to a new study by The CMO Council (form to download free executive summary), “only 16 percent of marketers [...]


Readers on mobile devices are generally more time-constrained, specific reason-focused with the small screen, but ready to go away if not instantly engaged or informed. And therein lies the challenge: capturing and holding reader’s attention, presenting only the right content in the context of whom the reader is, what he’s interested in, where he is. [...]


Chances are your digital firm is a passionate bunch, devoted 100% to delivering sound, successful communications strategies to its clients. However, as part of any valued relationship, they should be providing you — the client — with counsel that may not always be easy to swallow. Below are five things you may never hear from [...]