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Advertising Week was dominated by tech platforms offering their vision of the future of marketing. By “platform” — an overused word as everyone seems to either be one or have one — we mean end-to-end services, controlled by one company, that integrate devices, software and consumer relationships. From a consumer standpoint, think Apple, with its [...]


When small businesses need to make investments in IT or other operations, it’s often the companies selling them the goods that help with financing solutions. Now it looks like Google is using that model to help drive more dollars to AdWords search advertising. Google says that from Monday it is launching a new service in the UK, AdWords [...]


An important rule that you should always be aware of when you are busy with a social media campaign is that it takes quite a lot of time and effort to get good results. As with most business strategies, success doesn’t happen overnight or with a simple push of a button. If it was as [...]


Google recently announced their new Android based app service, Google Wallet, and it’s certainly creating a stir in the digital world.  There may be some confusion as to what exactly is going on, however, and just how big this announcement could be. The What: In essence, Google are going to be providing its Android based [...]