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The digital market place is becoming very crowded. For certain it has been busy over the last few years but 2012 definitely saw a dramatic increase in spaces never used before being taken up. This conflagration of new corporate users has two prominent impacts. The already limited resource of user attention is further diluted In [...]


A provocative title perhaps, but we all know that the digital landscape has changed out of all recognition over the past few years. The web has shifted from the “web of things” (the content web) to the “web of people” (the social web). As a result we’ve seen the proliferation of acquisition and media channels [...]

Andrea Mitchell

In this edition of In the Limelight we have Andrea Mitchell, founder and managing director of DigiVOX. Andrea talks about running a business, the digital marketing “speed rush” and the importance of asking questions. What is your job title and what does this entail? I am the Founder and MD of specialist digital agency, DigiVOX. [...]

Kirby Gordon

In this edition of In the Limelight we have Kirby Gordon, Senior Brand Manager at Sanlam. Kirby shares his thoughts on digital content, convergence, and why it’s important to do one’s homework. What is your job title and what does this entail? I am a Senior Brand Manager at Sanlam. Sanlam operates by virtue of [...]


Investment in digital continues to soar! When the IAB released theĀ IAB Internet Advertising Reportfor the full-year 2011, it demonstrated impressive 22 percent year-over-year growth for digital marketing and offered further excitement for digital marketers operating in just about every marketing channel out there. According to the IAB report, investments increased across the board: Investments in [...]