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Juice Content, a division of Primedia Online, is a uniquely placed division looking for a rising star to fill the position of Digital Account Executive. The position is a very exciting one and brand new in the marketplace, ensuring the successful candidate will develop a distinctive skill set and knowledge base. You will already have [...]


If you’re having trouble seeing past the glare emanating from some of your favorite websites these days, it might be the “new” shiny monetisation method that carries one of the following labels: native advertising, custom content, sponsored content, branded content, content marketing or perhaps the very latest: collaborative content. While there are varying definitions of [...]

Kirby Gordon

In this edition of In the Limelight we have Kirby Gordon, Senior Brand Manager at Sanlam. Kirby shares his thoughts on digital content, convergence, and why it’s important to do one’s homework. What is your job title and what does this entail? I am a Senior Brand Manager at Sanlam. Sanlam operates by virtue of [...]