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Executives at ad:tech New York this week presented three emerging technologies, some more mature than others, with the potential to change the marketing business: 3D projection, gesture-recognition technology and RFID tags. But participants were told to think hard as to whether such technologies were merely cool or would actually help enhance their business. Joshua Cohen, [...]


Facebook exceeded expectations on Wall Street when it announced its earnings for the third quarter. Still, there’s talk about what’s holding back stronger ad growth. Many look inside Facebook for culprits that include everything from issues with monetizing mobile advertising to a lack of unified metrics. There is a deeper issue at work outside of [...]


If you’re having trouble seeing past the glare emanating from some of your favorite websites these days, it might be the “new” shiny monetisation method that carries one of the following labels: native advertising, custom content, sponsored content, branded content, content marketing or perhaps the very latest: collaborative content. While there are varying definitions of [...]


Certainly one of the biggest opportunities in ad tech today is integrating real time bidding (RTB) systems to core ad serving platforms such that ad serving decisions are made from a single system. This vision of a fully integrated monetization stack is known as holistic ad serving, and it’s going to be big. Holistic ad [...]


Summer Saturday mornings in our house are spent at my son’s cricket game, which means four glorious hours of working my way through the newspaper from cover to cover. (This is the highlight; after seven years, I still have no idea what is going on in the field.)  The only interruption is the need to [...]

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It’s hardly surprising that the banner-ad was what digital advertising started out as. Minds trained in print advertising traditions suddenly found themselves working in this new medium, and as such, essentially did what they know – stick an ad on a website, or to use trade speak, embed the ad. It took about eight years [...]

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Umuntu Media and 365 Digital have signed an agreement in which 365 Digital will handle all media sales for Umuntu Media’s online content portals. Through the partnership, Umuntu will be able to draw on the considerable resources of an established sales base. In turn, 365 Digital can expand their base beyond South Africa’s borders to [...]

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In keeping with the festive spirit we are offering a once-off New Year’s promotion on all inventory across the Dash of Lime network! We’re slashing CPMs (cost-per-thousand clicks) and will be offering all inventory across the sites at the below rates: Website CPM iafrica.com R80 CPM CBN & GBN R50 CPM E! Online R50 CPM Zoopy [...]