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Pageviews are the simplest way of measuring traffic, traffic is the easiest way to sell advertising, and selling advertising is the easiest way for publishers to make money online. But while pageviews (and their bridesmaids, metrics impressions and click-through-rates) are still effective in judging direct-marketing campaigns, they are amazingly useless when it comes to brand [...]


Looking at their Web analytics, many publishers have seen an alarming shift: their search traffic has dropped, while their share of referrals from social has risen. Perhaps the era of social media has well and truly arrived. The truth, however, is less dramatic but potentially more troubling. The drops in search traffic is an analytics [...]


Once upon a time, online advertising exposed users to new products and services. But now many users find themselves chased around the Internet by just a handful of brands at a time. Welcome to the Retargeting Era. On the surface, retargeting makes perfect sense. The biggest weakness of display versus search is display doesn’t have [...]


After hearing of Mozilla’s move to block third-party cookies unless users opted in to them, Mike Zanies, the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s general counsel, reacted fiercely on Twitter: “This default setting would be a nuclear first strike against ad industry.” This has been the typical stance of many in the industry. Any move to restrict cookies [...]


The word “premium” is bandied about the advertising industry to – at a minimum – add a glow to digital ad inventory.  But, what does “premium” mean? AdExchanger reached out to executives in the online ad tech ecosystem for their thoughts on the following question: “What makes ‘premium’ premium? Click here to read more.


It has often been said that due to nearly “unlimited inventory”, pricing on digital advertising will continue to decline.  This is a thought that has been taken as gospel for some time now, but in the light of day is, in fact, simply not true. How so? Well let’s look at this from both ends [...]


One of the vestiges of cheap, low-quality ads has been the “pop under” format often employed by travel search engines which would produce multiple mini-browser windows for airfares and hotel rates. In the last quarter, TripAdvisor began moving away from pop-unders in favor of Google-like “meta search” results for its display ad partners in the [...]


Yesterday we reported that OpenX had abruptly shut down its OnRamp ad server after a major malware attack. At the time the company did not say when, or if, the open source ad server would be back online. In an update this morning, OpenX makes clear that OnRamp will never serve another ad. OpenX attempted [...]

Google CEO Larry Page

If you buy ads on Google, you may soon be a mobile advertiser — whether you like it or not. And you could be paying for the privilege. Google just announced that it is “enhancing” and “upgrading” AdWords for a world where people increasingly use mobile devices. The changes will take place by the middle [...]


Many marketers continue an unhealthy obsession with only crediting the last click as the reason for their marketing success. This is called last-click attribution, and it’s about as shortsighted as crediting a sign outside a store as the sole reason someone came inside and made a purchase. Yes, the sign does matter. It may have [...]