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While 2012 isn’t entirely behind us just yet, many exciting things have happened in the digital space over the last twelve months that will have an impact on advertising in the New Year. Ad targeting has played a tremendous role in online advertising, and we have the abundance of available data to thank for this. [...]

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If you’re like most digital marketers, you engage in advertising to achieve one of two goals – either to generate or increase awareness (for your brand, a new product, etc.) or to generate new leads or customers. The metrics used to measure each of these goals vary dramatically, both in type and complexity. Effective reach [...]


Executives at ad:tech New York this week presented three emerging technologies, some more mature than others, with the potential to change the marketing business: 3D projection, gesture-recognition technology and RFID tags. But participants were told to think hard as to whether such technologies were merely cool or would actually help enhance their business. Joshua Cohen, [...]


A provocative title perhaps, but we all know that the digital landscape has changed out of all recognition over the past few years. The web has shifted from the “web of things” (the content web) to the “web of people” (the social web). As a result we’ve seen the proliferation of acquisition and media channels [...]


Certainly one of the biggest opportunities in ad tech today is integrating real time bidding (RTB) systems to core ad serving platforms such that ad serving decisions are made from a single system. This vision of a fully integrated monetization stack is known as holistic ad serving, and it’s going to be big. Holistic ad [...]

Andre van Niekerk

In this edition of In the Limelight, we speak to Andre van Niekerk – Digital & CRM Manager at Renault South Africa. Andre tells us about what he wanted to be when he grew up and why he chose digital, and shares some advice for advertisers considering investing in online. What is your job title [...]


Primedia Online is proud to announce the launch of Juice Content – a new business unit dedicated to the provision of bespoke “made to order” content intended for resale and syndication. This new service will include the provision of topical content for use across online and mobile platforms. “As publisher of one of South Africa’s [...]

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The IAB’s Portrait Ad is now available on IOL. As part of the IAB RMBU (rich media branding unit) suite and formerly rising star ad formats, the Portrait Ad is a high impact rich media unit that allows for the incorporation of a host of content/engagement modules such as video, galleries, polls, content feeds etc. [...]

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It’s hardly surprising that the banner-ad was what digital advertising started out as. Minds trained in print advertising traditions suddenly found themselves working in this new medium, and as such, essentially did what they know – stick an ad on a website, or to use trade speak, embed the ad. It took about eight years [...]

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Last week, Umuntu Media and 365 Digital announced that they have signed an agreement in which 365 Digital will handle all media sales for Umuntu Media’s online content portals in Africa. 365 Digital’s sales team, Dash of Lime, will be responsible for all media sales for Umuntu i-portals across Africa. Through the partnership, Umuntu will [...]