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Hundreds of experienced and knowledgeable marketers will gather together later this week for SES Toronto 2013. Two of those marketers, Helen Overland from Search Engine People and AdParlor’s Rohan Karunakaran, will join me Friday afternoon to share their considerable expertise on social advertising ROI with SES participants. Beyond the Like: How Companies are Using Social [...]


Pageviews are the simplest way of measuring traffic, traffic is the easiest way to sell advertising, and selling advertising is the easiest way for publishers to make money online. But while pageviews (and their bridesmaids, metrics impressions and click-through-rates) are still effective in judging direct-marketing campaigns, they are amazingly useless when it comes to brand [...]


There’s an opportunity that the Internet offers CEOs. It’s the ability to communicate effectively both internally and externally. It’s a means of giving the brand a human face and building credibility, while showing employees you’re human and accessible. There are more positive attributes for social CEOs. Their employees and customers find them to be good [...]


Facebook is getting into the verification business, borrowing a feature that Twitter first introduced almost four years ago. Facebook’s verification badges for pages and profiles will also mimic Twitter by leaving much of the process unknown and internal. It’s unclear why Facebook is making the move to verify brands and well-known figures with large audiences [...]


Low-quality content is a disease that has the potential to damage the effectiveness of content marketing for everyone, including the marketers who are executing it well. Content marketing, well executed, provides great value to both brands and users. However, as Jack Marshall brought up in a recent Digiday article, content marketing has a major quality [...]


Social media has created a vast amount of data and every second we add more information. Consider that in a single day we send 400 million tweets, share 985 million pieces of content on Facebook, “like” 50 million brands or organizations on Facebook, and post 40 million photos on Instagram. Many have argued that sharing [...]


Nearly every business today must decide how much to spend on search engine optimization (SEO). This isn’t an if question. Robust online marketing is imperative for survival in a web-driven world. The question every business professional must ask is, “How much will we spend on SEO?” Keep reading for all the information you’ll need to [...]


Looking at their Web analytics, many publishers have seen an alarming shift: their search traffic has dropped, while their share of referrals from social has risen. Perhaps the era of social media has well and truly arrived. The truth, however, is less dramatic but potentially more troubling. The drops in search traffic is an analytics [...]


Facebook has seen its rapid assimilation of Earth’s population start to cool in recent years. The areas where it’s still exploding are, interestingly enough, some of the areas with the least access to technology: Africa, the Middle East, and India. One measure of technological modernity is the smartphone. In the Western world, smartphone penetration hovers [...]


Facebook and Twitter spent a good part of 2012 talking up their “native” mobile ad products — and marketers, it appears, have been paying attention. On Monday, eMarketer adjusted its end-of-year mobile advertising forecast upward, citing Facebook’s mobile newsfeeds and Twitter’s Promoted Products suite as driving forces. eMarketer anticipates that mobile ad spending will hit [...]