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The next big thing

It’s hardly surprising that the banner-ad was what digital advertising started out as.

Minds trained in print advertising traditions suddenly found themselves working in this new medium, and as such, essentially did what they know – stick an ad on a website, or to use trade speak, embed the ad.

It took about eight years for the banner ad to evolve into something more interesting when suddenly the skyscrapers surfaced.  The arrival of one new ad format opened the sluice gates and others gushed forth!

The next five years were filled with fabulous ad formats, like the Messaging Plus Unit (MPU) which expanded across the page, the leaderboard which pushed editorial down; and a dozen other delirious developments like the interstitial, pop-up, pop-under and the overlay.

Some retained their popularity and some didn’t. Those that did continued to advance to ensure consumer interest (to the benefit of the advertiser of course).

And what was considered interesting?  ”Engagement” and “interactivity” became the buzz words in the business.

Today we see the integration of video into existing ad types to try to catch the consumer’s eye.  With increased online video consumption globally, advertisers jumped on the bandwagon, using video pre-rolls, mid-roll and post-roll options. Content wasn’t necessarily important and brands clamoured to cover the available inventory; whether it be a movie trailer, car test drive, or an online game and ‘how to guide’.

Research by US digital research publisher, eMarketer.com found the sale of this new form of digital advertising to be dramatically rising in 2011. The study found that, in the US, advertisers are planning on moving an astounding 41 percent of their print advertising budget to online video advertising.

Another study, run by Google’s DoubleClick, compared the performance of video banner ads opposed to that of traditional banner ads and found that video banners received click-through ratios, the standard industry measurement of the success of an online ad, between four and seven times higher than that of banner ads.

And the rest of the ad space continued with its change. There are so many advertising options – it is exciting stuff. And so many of them are now being borne through the budding bandwidth in South Africa.

The innovative Dash Of Lime team are in the process of rolling out all of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Rich Media Branding Units. Progressive. And they’ve started with the portrait advert (300X1050 pixels) on one of their premium publisher sites – IOL. And so it’s an exciting time to be talking to advertisers.



In closing, it’s a time to embrace online. And regardless of where you fall in the digital marketing world – owner of a website which sells the ad space; or provider of the ads – this is a trend you certainly need to be mindful of.

Article written by Susan Hansford, Business Development Manager, Primedia Online.

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